Container Gardens

Clement Bros. can work with you to plan, develop and maintain beautiful container gardens. Let our team of experts work with you to grow spectacular gardens in the smallest of spaces.

Plant Installation
We can install annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees from our design or yours.
We are also experienced in transplanting mature trees and shrubs.

Lawn Installation
Drop seeding, hydro seeding and blue grass sod are all installed by our well trained technicians.
In this climate we prefer the use of hydro seed which is the blend of quality grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water which when applied accelerates germination. An additional benefit is the tackifier, which is glue added to mix to help the mulch stay secure to the ground and resists runoff. Also, the mulch does not need to be removed due in part to its make up that consists of fine newspaper which breaks down at the same rate that grass is germinating.

Shoreline Restoration
Since the water level is lowered in most lakes during the winter months, this makes an excellent time for shoreline work. We can repair existing walls, install rip rap and new stone steps.

Material Delivery
Any quantity of the materials listed below can be delivered to the Lake Region. Call for a quote. If you don’t see it listed, please call or email your request.

  • Screened Loam

  • Bark Mulch - Several Colors & Wood Species Available.

  • Organic Compost

  • Nutri-Mulch - Black Mulch & Compost Blended Together (Our Most Popular Mulch).

  • Cedar Wood Chips

  • Gravel

  • Crushed Stone & Landscape Boulders

  • Beach Sand

Light excavation work for running electrical conduit, drainage, and plumbing.

Drainage and Erosion Control
We provide, through a variety of techniques and materials, a practical solution to properly direct run-off to both natural and artificial drains to help minimize the effects of erosion on your site.
Clement Bros. will work with you to determine what method and or solution would work most efficiently.

Custom Stonework
Our creative and skilled stone masons construct walls, steps, walkways, patios, water features and outdoor fireplaces. Building with granite is our specialty. We purchase much of our granite from old homesteads throughout the state. Our craftsmen then drill and hand split this rugged stone to create steps, landings, posts and retaining walls that will certainly last for decades without maintenance.


Lawn Care

Removal of accumulated dead and decomposing grass plants that forms a layer above the soil. A thin layer prevents weed invasion, where too much thatch deters water and harbors insects and diseases.

Core Aeration
Process of removing small plugs of soil up to 3" deep to help relieve soil compaction. The holes created allow air, water, compost, fertilizers and other soil amendments to get down to the root zone more quickly. Spring and Fall are the best times for aeration.

Compost Top-Dressing
Spreading organic compost evenly with a drop spreader to a depth of 1/8”directly on established turf. This beneficial organic matter helps build better soil, retains more moisture, adds valuable nutrients and increases the microbial activity to the soil. Core aeration before top-dressing is highly recommended for optimal success.

Over-seeding or slice-seeding is a great practice for thin lawns due to neglect, poor cultural practices or serious disease/insect damage. For healthier lawns, it is a good idea to introduce some newer varieties of seed that require less water and are more stress/disease resistant. The practice of slice-seeding involves a small machine that has vertical rotary knives that slice existing turf and create very small furrows. Seed tubes are located just behind the knives that allow seed to drop into the furrows and then a roller pushes the furrows back down. Slice-seeding provides proper seed to soil contact and results in much better germination and growth rates than seed that is broadcasted on top of the soil by a spreader or by hand.

Property Maintenance


Mowing and Trimming
Clement Bros. usually mows at a height of at least 3”. This encourages deep roots and helps shade the soil which retains moisture. String trimming is routinely performed around all garden beds, tree rings, fences, walkways, and other areas that cannot be easily cut with conventional mowers. All excess clippings will be removed from these areas as well as all paved surfaces.

Gardening Services
Dead heading, weeding, selective pruning, seasonal annual planting, dividing and transplanting of perennials, edging, plant fertilizing and integrated pest management. Weed and disease control, granular compost and compost tea applications, soil testing.

We offer several different species of bark mulch and or compost (as well as blended varieties). These are applied to the surface of an area of soil for the purpose of conserving moisture, improving the fertility and health of soil, reducing weed growth, and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the area.

Spring/Fall Clean-up
Spring clean-up is a service we offer to help your lawn and landscape recover from the harshness of winter. The clean-up consists of picking up sticks, branches, and the winter’s debris, raking of your lawn to eliminate residual winter problems, sweep and remove sand from parking areas, walks, lawns, and driveways, and renovate damaged lawn areas do to plowing.
Fall clean-up is a service we offer to clear your property of leaves and sticks which will prevent the heavy, wet foliage from suffocating your lawn. Dark and moist areas are breeding grounds for mold and other diseases.

Beach Grading/Cleaning
Both seasonal and regularly scheduled maintenance of private beaches are offered. We can clean debris as well as manage nuisance weeds on both the beach and swimming areas.

Road/Driveway Maintenance
Grading, patching potholes, correcting drainage problems and adding additional surface material.

Storm Clean-up
Clement Bros. is available for short notice storm clean up. Cutting and removing falling trees, brush, and other demo related to our unpredictable weather.


Property Management

Camp/House Check
Routine property inspections while you are away. By the day, week or month.
We can schedule, meet, and receive estimates, open up/close down for other contractors working on your property. Airports pick up or drop off. We can custom tailor services to meet specific needs. 

Email/Phone Notification upon complete inspection.


Winter Services

Driveways & private roads. We service the towns of Naples, Bridgton, Casco, Otisfield, and Raymond.

Shoveling/Snow Blowing
Steps, Walkways, Decks, & Heating Fuel tank access.

Snow Removal
With the use of several pieces of heavy equipment we can easily widen roads, push back snow piles, and or remove snow from properties.

We also offer sand/salt spreading and other de-icing solutions.